Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rimmel Kate 'Lasting Finish' Lipstick (01) REVIEW

Hey girlies! Today I am going to review my favourite lipstick of the moment, which is so fabulous that it has also made it into my May favourites.

Rimmel has brought out a new make-up collection 'by Kate' which is created by Kate Moss and features matte lipstick, nail polishes and lasting finish lipstick. I purchased the lasting finish lipstick in shade 01; I believe that the shades don't have names, just numbers which is unusual. There are 7 shades in the lasting finish lipstick range - so take your pick, there's bound to be one that suits you. The shade is a bold, dark red - such a classic look and if you have seen the advert on TV, it is the exact same lipstick that Kate is wearing!
This lipstick caught my eye immediately and I'm lucky enough to be able to pull off red lipsticks due to my skin tone and brown hair. It is super easy to apply and definitely lives up to its name - 'lasting finish' and promises to last for up to 8 hours, and I definitely agree that it does this. Its conistency is even and delivers a bold statement red. Even when wearing this on a night out, it didn't smudge or fade and I didn't even see an imprint of the product on glasses - which sounds weird but I've always found that with lipsticks, you often have to reapply if you've been drinking or eating. This product is a bargain costing just £5.49 from Boots, but it really does feel like you're wearing a high-end product. Fantastic quality and I am considering buying other products from the collection!


  1. Stopping by from southern charm! I am your newest follower! Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me the other day! Nicole

  2. I was happily convinced that I didn't need to try these lipsticks but now you've made me want to, I'm now following your blog :)