Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Collection 2000: Make-up Haul

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So today I am doing a haul and review of my Collection 2000 make-up; I have very mixed opinions on their products. I love most of their products but there is a few I really don't like. It isn't exactly 'high-end' or 'luxury' but if your bank account is already suffering and you need a cheap make-up alternative - this is where you go to!

Boots are still offering their '3 for 2, mix & match' promotion and it does include a wide range of make-up products, including Collection 2000 - so now is a great time to take advantage. I am a self-confessed Boots addict!
Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation (Shade = 3 Biscuit)
This is one of my all time favourite foundations, which is also affordable. The shade I use is 3 Biscuit which is a pale beige shade. This foundation gives you an amazing flawless coverage, with a 'photoshopped' effect. It blends in really well and lasts for hours; I rarely feel the need to reapply this throughout the day.
Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder
This powder isn't my favourite and I think it retails at around £2.99 - so I guess you get what you pay for. It is a cheap alternative which I usually apply throughout the day to keep my make-up looking good. However, I believe that this is only available in one shade - which is quite dark actually - so I usually only apply a small amount.
Extreme Coloured Length Mascara (Colour = Black)
I've tried lots of mascaras in the past but I have always found myself going back to this one! Not only is it an absolute bargain but it is an incredible product. This mascara defines lashes really well - making them thick but not clumpy. It lasts all day long yet is so easy to take off at night. It is great for an everyday, natural look and also for a more dramatic effect. I have stood by this mascara for years.
Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade = Fair)
This concealer is often praised in the beauty community and I can see why. I use this concealer every single day. It is quick and easy to apply but has lasting effects. It covers up dark circles under the eyes as well as hiding any spots or other unwanted visitors on your face. It doesn't just 'conceal' them though - it blends into your face to create an unbelievable natural look.
Fast Stroke Eyeliner (Colour = Black)
I have only recently started to use this liquid eye liner. I don't have a steady hand so most days it gets very messy and I end up with it in my eyes and all over my face *sigh* but messiness aside, it's a good product. It looks amazing when applied and the applicator is thin enough to create a slik line. However, I've found that it can fade or rub off in some places - mainly tearducts - so it does need reapplying throughout the day.


  1. Lovely haul! :)


  2. I love the Lasting Perfection Foundation. It's one of the best I've tried xx

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  6. I love boots too, there is some kind of magnet effect every time I'm passing by it in the shopping centre!
    I've heard great things about the collection 2000 concealer, might go for it as well as the foundation and something else soon since the 3 for 2 offer is still on :)

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