Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Review

(I posted recently that I won't be blogging as regularly due to my internet being broke but I will try to post as often as possible via my mobile's internet. Hopefully, my internet will be fixed in 2 weeks.
Also, this is totally unrelated but has anyone else not received their April Glossybox (UK) this month? I usually receive mine around the 10th of each month but I haven't even had a dispatch email yet! :( please let me know.)

I received a sample of the Garnier Moisture Match for dull skin, normal skin and normal to dry skin. I was a little bit 'in between' when decided whether I have normal or dull skin, so trying out three samples was really useful.
Normal Skin
The 'normal skin' sample was the best suited to my skin and worked much better than the others - so this would be the one that I would repurchase. My skin felt instantly moisturised and soft but not oily. This creamy moisturiser did exactly what it was advertised to do. Trying out all three of the samples before buying has really helped to make my decision as I probably wouldn't of purchased the 'normal skin' moisturiser beforehand.
Dull skin
I tried this moisturiser out first because I thought that it would be best suited to my skin and I was hoping that perhaps it would awaken and revitalise my sometimes tired skin. However, this was the moisturiser I hated! It was way too oily and made my face look shiney instead of giving it a slight glow. An oily face isn't the look I want to go for! I will definitely not purchase this moisturiser.
Normal to dry skin
This moisturiser worked but it didn't wow me. Of course, this would probably be one of the least suited to my skin which is probably why I didn't see a huge effect. It defintely moisturised but not much else. I wouldn't repurchase this one.
I found it really useful to be be able to try out three of Garnier's five 'moisture match' moisturisers before buying. I did actually only request the 'dull skin' product but unexpectedly recieved these three instead but I'm so happy about that because it turns out that it was a completely different one which suited my skin best. I would defintely recommend getting the samples before purchasing one of the moisturisers as I was surprised at which one actually best suited me.
I believe that Garnier are still offering their tailor-made moisturisers to be sampled, click HERE to try before buying.


  1. Very interesting review. It's nice to know the difference in the three products.

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  3. I am curious of how it affects your skin after longer use, have you purchased one of them and used it for a bit longer?
    I have been using the cleanser and peeling from garnier for 6 years now. I had some problems with my skin in between, too, BB cream messed it up even more, so now I am scared of trying one of those.