Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Elizabeth Arden 'Beauty Gift' Haul/Review

On last weeks 'beauty deal of the week' I wrote about the Elizabeth Arden beauty gift worth £77, which you could get for free if you ordered two Elizabeth Arden products - at least one being skincare - from the Boots website. (Click HERE to read this post.) I just couldn't turn down this offer! After being converted to the brand through their amazing Eight Hour Lip Protectant, I had to give this a try. I believe that the offer has now ended - so it looks like I got in there at the right time.

I'll be honest; my first impression wasn't as amazing as I'd hoped but this was due to me being confused about some of the products! I'll go through them individually and give you my opinions - though after trying them all, I like every single one.

Oh and I think that the bag which the products came in will be very useful as a travel bag, filled with all my make-up and beauty bits. It's the perfect size and looks very cool and stylish too.

Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant - £25/50ml
This product is a massive essential in the world of beauty! Like I have said previously on my blog, I am not a huge fan of this product on my skin because it is basically a vey thick gel with an oily consistency so it is literally only best for particular dry or damaged parts of the skin, as opposed to using in various places. However, I have recently discovered this product as a lip balm and yes, I have been absolutely raving about this ever since this find. It is literally the best lip product I have ever come across. I have never been able to find a lip balm which comes anywhere close to this product; I've always had to put up with 'average' alternatives. I can't go anywhere without it now! One downside is that it is advertised as a fragrance-free product, but it definitely has some sort of scent, though I can't quite figure out what it is...
Visible Difference Skin-Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser - £17/125ml
I was really excited to try this product out - my favourite cleansers are those that you can use in the shower as it is much more convenient and less time consuming, especially if you have quite a busy lifestyle. It couldn't be any more easier to use: you put a pea-sized amount on to your finger tips, rub your fingers together and apply to a wet face, which creates a foaming substance and then you wash it off with warm water. I love how it feels on my skin and it contains microbeads - which is something I look for in face products! It is slightly cheaper than most of their other products but it is still great to use. My skin feels soft and squeeky clean! It makes my skin look much more bright and awake - so would be a perfect match for women with tired or dull skin.
Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum - £80/90 Capsules
My first thoughts on this product was something like "what is this? How do I use this? They look so weird!" I did receive the sample version of this product, which contains 14 capsules, though I still think that this is a generous-sized sample. It must be the strangest, most confusing beauty product I have ever come across. To use, I  ripped open the end of the capsule - which did get a little messy so have some tissues ready if you are going to use. I then applied the product to my face and was very surprised at how quickly it sank into my skin. It's a very weird serum; it is like a clear oil, which doesn't sound convincing but I saw instant results. It moisturised my skin naturally, without the feeling of having products on my face. It removed any dry areas instantly and left me with a noticeably softer complexion. However, the full sized version of this product is very, very expensive and I don't think that I would be prepared to spend £80 on this!

2.2g Quad Beautiful Color Eyeshadows in Sterling, Sugar Cube and Black Tie-Contour - £20

I love the shades of all of these eye shadows and to be honest, this was the product I was most looking forward to trying. These four shades are perfect for either smokey-eye looks or even to just complete a different look. I have only tried the shade on the far right, which is a smooth mid-grey colour - which I applied from the outer corners of my eyes and into my crease and blended. I wore this with a thin line of black liquid eyeliner and black mascara for a classic, simple smokey eyes look. The quality of this product is flawless and I now definitely want to check out more make-up from Elizabeth Arden.
PREVAGE Anti-Aging Moisture Cream - £105/50ml
Wow, this is a really expensive product! This cream works as a great moisturiser, though I believe that it would be more beneficial to 'older' people, as it is an anti-aging cream. I am unable to comment on the anti-aging side of this product - though I have read excellent reviews on this. But yes, it is a very extensive moisturiser which leaves skin feeling softer to the touch and lasts all day. You do only have to use a very small amount of this product for it to work, which I guess makes the hefty price tag seem a little less worrying as it will most likely last longer than most other moisturisers. It is also recommended to use on sun damaged skin as not only does it revive moisture but it also has a Broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to help shield from the sun. I can see this being an essential during the summer months!


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  2. nice post my dear! like the stuff!

  3. I've read about this deal before but my local boots isn't big enough to have Elizabeth Arden : (
    I've tried a samples of their visible difference.skincare range though and loved it so much I bought the full sized products. That exfoliating cleanser sure is a treat to my face and the beads are so gentle unlike others which can be a bit too harsh.
    I agree that it their stuff is expensive but I can see why, they do great quality products. Nice to see a review on Elizabeth Arden as I don't see much mention on their products on the blogesphere x

  4. This is such a great deal! I've never tried anything Elizabeth Arden but I've heard so many great things about the 8 hour cream! Followed:-) Rachel xx

  5. What a great gift bag, always fun to get something for free especially if you end up liking everything! found your link on the Blog Train!