Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review: Trevor Sorbie 'Curl Cream'

Working next to a Boots store is really bad for my debit card! It doesn't help that at the moment, Boots have a '3 for 2, mix & match' offer on which applies to a variety of products; probably 1/2 of their products have this offer so I see it as an amazing chance to try out new things and that's when I purchased the Trevor Sorbie 'Beautiful Curls' Curl Cream.
I was attracted to it because it seems easy to use and looked like a fun and less damaging alternative to straightening my hair every day, which works by defining natural curls. I can't always be bothered to do my hair every day, especially if I'm not going out anywhere so the curl cream was basically, an excuse for me to be lazy but without having a bad hair day.
Yes, the Curl Cream did work but I wasn't wowed by the product. It defined my natural curls but required quite a bit of encouragement to do so: I was scrunching and twisting my hair for a good 10 minutes before I got it how I wanted. I think I must of been expecting a miracle or something! To apply, I poured a small amount of the cream on to my fingers before rubbing it into the ends (ears downwards - otherwise you'd get greasy roots) of my hair. While doing so, I scrunched and twisted my hair to get my desired curls. I did find myself applying a little more cream whilst doing so - but I have got very thick hair so that could be why!
The Curl Cream defined my natural curls but not to the extent I was hoping. Also, it did require some hairspray to stay in place.
Trevor Sorbie 'Beautful Curls' Curl Cream - £5.10/150ml


  1. This sounds great, so happy it worked for you!

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    Boots 3 for 2 offers do my head in! I always end up walking around for hours with 2 products in my hand trying to select a third which I for some reason always find really hard!

    Corinne x

    1. haha i know exactly what you mean! i was walking around with 2 make-up products and then wondering what my third item could be... that's why i chose this! xx



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