Tuesday, 5 March 2013

February Favourites!

(First of all, I apologise for being a little distant this past week or so. It really isn't good enough, I know! I've been pretty busy and I guess I'm still trying to 'find myself' in this whole blogging thing. I've decided to be much more organised. Of course, I'm new to all of this so any feedback would be fantastic and Id love to check out other bloggers, especially if you're just starting out too.)
Anyway, today's post is about my February favourites; it's quite a weird combination of every day products but I have just been loving them this month. You can find love in such unlikely places sometimes!
I honestly believe that it was love at first sight for me and the Ayuuri face cream. Their products use only natural extracts making it suitable for all skin types. On top of that, the Indian rose, jasmine and aloe vera scented combination smells fresh and floral, which is why I think their products will be a huge hit this Spring. I feel like this face cream will last a very long time as it is a 200ml bottle yet you only need a tiny amount of it on your face for it to work wonders.
The Ayuuri Indian Rose Face Cream leaves your skin feeling moisturised and ready for whatever the world has to throw at you. I can't even describe how smooth skin feels after use. It blends in beautifully, without feeling greasy. It's such a bargain too - just £4.95 on their website and I believe it is available in some supermarkets too. I can't wait to try out more of their products!
This will probably seem like such a strange thing to show you but I have fallen head over heels for this essential. The Tresemmé Heat Defence spray is an amazing product to add to your daily routine. Of course, using heat on your hair can cause a lot of nasty damage so if you regularly straighten/curl or even just blowdry your hair, it is well worth the investment. I fell in love with this particular brand for a few reasons: the scent was the first because I felt as though my hair was being given a new lease of life through every spray. Also, it works! My hair felt soft and unharmed after both blow-drying and straightening on a daily basis. This works even better when combined with Tresemmé shampoo and conditioner.
I purchased the Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips after reading about them on a few other blogs. Those who used them were literally just raving about the product so when I came across them on the Boots website, I decided to give them a try. Like a lot of young women and teenagers, I suffer from blackheads on my nose but I've never found anything which has helped get rid of them. The Pore Strips really work and you can see that they work due to what you 'find' on the strips after use (I don't know how something that looks so disgusting can feel so pleasurable to see!)
I used the product after showering so that the steam would open my pores. I wet my nose and stuck the strip on. I chilled out for around 15 minutes (laughing at myself in the mirror - i looked ridiculous with a big, white plaster-type thing on my nose) and when that time was up, the strip was rock solid. I pulled the strip slowly at the same time from both sides and the results are literally right in front of me. Though my pores felt very open and prone to bacteria afterwards, I was content with the result. I have decided to only do this once a month as I feel that weekly may be too often and I may not see as much of a result.
I received the Miners lip colour in the February Glossybox and I have been using it a lot this month. I don't often wear lip products on a daily basis but this shade is very natural so you can easily get away with it. The shade is cinnamon; a light pink but not too pale - it's perfect for wearing day to day. It sticks to your lips really well and gives them a beautiful, natural shine. Also, it has a strawberry taste to it, which will always make it a winner for me. I have had a look around the Miners Cosmetics website and they stock a variety of girly make-up - all at affordable prices. This lip colour is only £3.99 - I wonder why it is so cheap?
So you're probably thinking: why is she showing me a pack of face wipes? Because this badboy gets anything off! With every pack of face wipes I've ever bought, I've never found one that will easily take off waterproof make-up (especially mascara). But the Nivea Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes take your make-up off so easily. I literally just wipe it over my eyes and it's all gone. It saves so much time and the fresh, creamy scent reassures you that its good for your skin too. As with all Nivea products, it is suitable for sensitive skin with no nasty, hidden surprises. I've had a lot of trouble with face wipes recently; they usually just make me break out so I'm really greatful that I've found something that not only is kind to my skin but also works incredibly well.

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