Friday, 8 March 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Wedding

It can always be tricky to find a suitable outfit to wear for a wedding so here is just one of my outfit ideas, which I am planning on wearing to a wedding soon. Very cheap too. This is the first time I've ever posted a 'fashion' post as opposed to beauty. Hope you like this :)
This is my 'outfit of the day' for an upcoming wedding.
This is the dress close-up. It is a floral, fitted, chiffon-style dress with a v-neck and frilly sleeves (to describe it best I can). I honestly just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I think everyone else did too because it's sold out of most sizes at all of the Lipsy suppliers (including Lipsy website, Next, Debenhams, Asos).  I'm very fussy when it comes to dresses so as soon as I see one I like everything about, I just have to buy it. It's so pretty!
Because the dress is very bright and colourful, I decided it would be best to tone it down with a simple bag. I purchased this navy, snake-print, clutch-style bag from New Look. It has a gold chain attached to it so you have to option to either wear it hanging from your shoulder or you can tuck the chain inside and wear it as a clutch.
The navy heels match my bag. I am really tall (5'10 to be precise) so only wanted small heels because I look silly in anything bigger than like 2" which is such a shame! Luckily, I loved these as soon as I saw them and am really thankful that they match my bag too. If you're having a bright, colourful dress like I am, it's always best to keep your shoes, bag and accessories simple.
The gold bracelet goes great with the bag too, matching the gold chain.
Product details:
Dress - Lipsy - £55
Bag - New Look - £14.99
Shoes - New Look - £10 (reduced from £12!)
Bracelet - Unknown, it was a present


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