Tuesday, 19 March 2013

NOTD: Typically British

(UPDATE: Hi all! I'm pretty busy this week so am creating a few posts beforehand because I'd hate to leave my blog desolate while I'm away. So yeah, Sunday's post and this post are scheduled posts, written on Friday and Saturday evening - I'm so organised, just like I promised. I'm at a wedding all day Sunday, staying overnight and am busy the following day - most likely consisting of recovering from a disgusting hangover while chilling in a spa. On Tuesday, I'm travelling for an event with work, which also involves an overnight stay and then I'm working Thursday - gonna be super busy! I've got blogging ideas coming out of my ears at the moment; I've shared some in the 'Coming soon' section of my blog but I've got plenty more up my sleeve.)
I am absolutely loving this nail polish at the moment! It's a true British shade: pillarbox red, but with a slight hint of rose pink. The flash on my camera makes it look a lot more pink that it actually is... Oh and, please excuse my messy thumb! I hadn't tidied it up yet. On top of this, I used the Nail Inc Top Coat to ensure that the colour stays on for as long as possible, without chipping and it has given it a lovely shine too.
Nails Inc - St James


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