Thursday, 18 July 2013

Glossybox UK July: Opening

So on Tuesday, I recieved the July Glossybox and I was disappointed with the packaging inside as it arrived all shoved into one corner and the tissue paper was ripped quite badly - which is unusual for Glossybox; usually their packaging is really neat. Looking aside that issue, it was a great box this month.

The theme for this month is 'Seaside Splash' and the lovely summer design on the box illustrates this. I was very surprised at the packaging, though this type of theme was expected.

Anatomicals - Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz
Though I think this is a really useful item to have during the summer and will definitely be packing in my suitcase, I don't really think it's a beauty product as such - so why have we received it in a beauty box? The facial spray is intended for spraying on the face on hot summer days to both cool down and set make-up. I love anatomicals as a brand anyway; they're products are just right up my street! Haha. Also, this is the full-sized product - bonus.
Bamboo Style - Boho Waves Tousled  Texture Mist
To use this spray, spray onto damp or dry hair and shape with fingers for desired style. I've really wanted a product like this for a long time so was really excited when I saw this. It's a superb product to aid this summer's hairstyle; which is definitely all about loose wavy beach hair. It adds texture and volume - which is a must for me.

Sleek Makeup - Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' and 'Peek-a-boo'

Like everyone else, I was slightly confused when I first saw these tubes in my Glossybox. Girlies will have received the red paint (which is called 'pin up') with either a blue (which is called 'peek-a-boo') or silver one too; however, the blue and silver pout paints are for mixing so thankfully, there will be no blue lips for me! Though I haven't tried this out yet, it promises to give a long-lasting satin finish - ooo can't wait!

Ciaté London - Paint Pot in 'Speed Dial'

As you probably all know, I do love my nail polishes so was pretty excited when I first saw this, though I have already got a similar bright orange shade. You will have either received this shade or a pink one - and I am very satisfied with the colour I have received. This usually retails at £9 and look - we've received the full-size product!

Coola Organic Suncare Collection - Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturiser

Of course, Im sure this goes without saying - a massive essential for summer.  To use, apply over the face in upwards strokes which will give you SPF protection within 30 minutes, with recommended reapplication every two hours. Teeny tiny sample but this will definitely be coming on holiday with me.


  1. All this seems so exciting like it's a surprise and all that, I'm sorry to hear that the packaging was a little disappointment to you ): . Thanks for the comment on my blog, I followed you alr (: do follow back. xx thank you.

  2. This looks like a gorgeous box of goodies! I really want to try glossy box, looks like a great way to try new products :) xxx

  3. I just read your bio under your picture and realized that you are engaged! You lucky duck. How exciting! Also, this box of things you received; do the people who it to you sponsor you or was it something you ordered? I am trying to get sponsors for my blog, and I really have no idea how to go about it.

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    gem x

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  5. That orange polish looks really nice

  6. Great box!So bad that we don't have it in Bulgaria