Thursday, 11 July 2013

Beauty samples: haul & review

I haven't done one of these in a long time and I thought it would be a really fun idea to do it again. I have so many samples of things lying around from lots of different places; some are from Glossybox's, some came as a free gift with magazines and others I have ordered to try before buying. I am a firm believer that first impressions always count so samples are a really convenient way to try out a product and see what I think of it instantly, before buying.

Elizabeth Arden - 'Visible Difference' Skin Balancing Exfoliationg Cleanser
Elizabeth Arden is one of my favourite skincare brands but I was pretty disappointed with this cleanser. It irritated my skin and made me break out in spots, but maybe this was more of a personal thing which won't affect everyone. It is easy to apply and leaves skin feeling soft, but it didn't exactly do me any favours.
Would I purchase this based on the sample? Sad to say this - but no.
Elemis - 'Loving Lips' Quenching Lip Balm
I had high hopes for this but it was a case of me comparing it to my favourite lip product, so not liking this one as much as that. The Elemis lip balm had a peppermint taste, which was really nice but I felt like it didn't give my lips enough moisture and softness and I had to reapply quite frequently.
Would I purchase this based on my sample? No.
Yves Rocher - Nutritive Vegel 24H Comfort Nourishing Cream
I received this moisturiser in a Glossybox and remember being really excited to try it out. It is a fantastic product; it sank into my skin really quickly and felt soft and nourished for 24 hours - as promised. My face was glowing healthily after use - would definitely recommend this.
Would I purchase this based on the sampe? Without a doubt!
L'oreal Paris - Anti-fatique Nude Magique BB Cream
This was the first ever BB Cream I had used but personally, it wasn't for me. I prefer wearing a proper foundation instead. I just didn't feel like I had enough coverage - maybe if I had flawless skin, I'd love this.
Would I purchase this based on the sample? No.
Balance Me - Moisture-rich Face Cream
I like face creams with a thin and creamy consistency but this one was incredibly thick and took much longer than other moisturisers to sink into the skin. Not a bad product as such, but it felt so so heavy on my face!
Would I purchase this based on the sample? No.

Balance Me - Radiance Face Mask
Another Balance Me product, but such a different opinion. I have used this face mask twice and both times, I hae been really impressed with the finished result. Skin felt soft and even after use with a much brighter, radiant complexion.
Would I purchase this based on the sample? Yes.


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