Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I've missed blogging so much and trust me, I never wanted to go anywhere in the first place. Let me explain where I've been: as you will probably know, I moved out around this time last year to the middle of the Lancashire countryside, not far from Preston. Sadly, we never got a permanent internet solution sorted which was frustrating so I literally just couldn't blog - it was heartbreaking because I loved filling my spare time trying new products and letting you know what I think, whilst reading your blogs and meeting new people.
Anyway - so much has changed in a year! I'm now living back with my parents in Bolton. I split up with my fiancé; we'd been together for 6 years but feelings changed and lots of other things were different but we're still good friends and speak all the time. It does suck moving back in with your parents; you kind of feel like you've taken a step back in life, but it is just temporary until I get back on my feet. So yep, that explains why I now have internet access again. I work full-time but I want to dedicate as much of my spare time as possible to blogging to make up for lost time.
It's good to be back! xxxxx

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  1. Yay! I've missed your posts. I'm sorry about your break-up. It's good though that you two are still friends. It can be really awkward if you hate each other but have to be in the same social situations.