Monday, 10 August 2015



I've been a little bit all over the place with blogging haven't I? :( I used to blog so religiously but due to internet issues I had to stop and I hated that you know? Of course things changed; everything changed! But now a year on I've got an okay job where I've been for 2 years and I'm living with my boyfriend of just over a year and everything is going quite swimmingly really. I've started a new life in Preston; I'm originally from Bolton which is only half an hour drive away but I still miss my home town so so much and I'd love to live there again. It's kinda weird living in a new, strange city but I've finally found my feet (and Preston is fairly small for a city which is weirdly reassuring!)

Do you know how hard it is to blog on an iPad? :/ IMPOSSIBLE I SWEAR.

Anyway I've missed blogging and last time I felt like I was forcing something that wasn't really there so I gave up but today I just woke up and decided that I want to do it again. I used to love it so much!

So I'm back for good and I promise it's the last time I'll say that :) 2 years on and I'm a much more different person with different views and tastes and I want to bring that to my blog! Watch this space :) x x

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