Thursday, 11 April 2013

What have I been buying?

I've been shopping a few times recently so I thought it would be nice to show you my purchases. There's nothing massively exciting but they are mostly all little bits and pieces that I'm loving at the moment, so hopefully you'll like them too!
Seventeen blusher brush - Boots
Seventeen powder brush - Boots
EcoTools Bamboo foundation brush - Boots

I was in desperate need of more make-up brushes and while Boots still have their '3 for 2, mix & match' promotion on, I thought I may as well buy them now. The foundation brush is my favourite of the three (and the most expensive) as it blends my foundation evenly around my face and it is just generally a good quality brush. I'm not massive fans of the other two though; when I used the blusher brush, I felt like it just 'deposited' the blusher on my cheek rather than blending it in, no matter how hard I tried! I ended up switching back to my old brush. The powder brush isn't much better either.

Original Source lemon & tea tree shower gel - Most supermarkets stock this
I only purchased this one week ago and look how much I have used! I am obsessed with anything lemon-scented or lemon-flavoured so as soon as I saw this, I just had to buy it. A lot of beauty bloggers have recommended Original Source shower gels due to the unbelievable scent at such a bargain price. I paid just 99p for this from B&M Bargains, but I belive that most supermarkets sell this for around the same price. If you are an early bird and find it hard to wake up in the morning, purchase this and you'll feel wide awake and fresh instantly. The zesty scent will make you fall in love, I promise.
Chunky bracelets - Republic
Heart earrings set - Republic
I really wanted some more bracelets and at the moment, I'm loving chunky jewelry. I picked these up from Republic, which isn't usually a store I'd shop in but ended up doing so while shopping with friends. The bracelets really finish off a simple outfit and the colours go with pretty much anything. I like the earrings too; they are simple but look really cute and one of them is leopard print - and I love anything leopard print.
Floral scarf - Peacocks
I was in need of a cute, floral scarf for Spring and spotted this in Peacocks. The pattern is mostly pink, purple and green floral print on a chiffon, frilly style of scarf. It's definitely an essential during Spring, which finishes off any outfit and keeps you warm - as it is still a little cold here in Britain. I'm always wearing this now!
TRESemmé 24 hour body blow dry lotion - Boots
I am loving big hair at the moment but have noticed that my volume dies down throughout the day so I purchased this blow dry spray to add volume to my hair and maximise roots. To use, I spray evenly on to wet hair - particularly around the roots - and then blow dry as normal. For best results, it's good to brush hair upwards whilst blow drying and perhaps even tip your head upside down at some points. This spray is easy to use and added long-lasting volume to my hair. It works particularly well if you have lots of layers. It's a bargain too - it cost me less than £4!


  1. how lovely those little earrings are;)X

  2. I love the Original Source shower gels they smell amazing! x