Monday, 1 April 2013

Beauty deal of the week #2

Again, I have been sniffing around the internet to bring you my favourite beauty deal of the week! We all love trying out products for free before deciding whether it's worth spending money on, so this week, I bring you a fantastic freebie - which is tailored to your skin type.
Garnier are giving out FREE SAMPLES of their new tailor-made moisturisers. To order a sample, just click the link above and fill in your details. However, I have been informed that they pester you with a lot of emails and SMS so it is best to use an old email address and to not enter a mobile number. It's a very simple, fast application form which will take no longer than 2 minutes! Like all samples, they are limited - there is only 220,000 samples - so get in there fast. 
I haven't personally tried out this product but I have heard wonderful things about it so it is definitely worth ordering a sample - or even a few if you are unsure as to which is best suited for your skin. To take a quiz which determines which is best suited to your skin, click here.
Find your match!
  • Protect & Glow - normal skin
  • Start Afresh - normal/dry skin
  • Goodbye Dry - dry/very dry skin
  • Wake Me Up - dull skin
  • Shine Be Gone - combination/oily skin

What do you think of this offer?


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  2. Great site! Thank you for crossing over to Garden Chef and for following me! You made my day today! I've also tried Garnier Moisturizing Cream given by Ayana, my daughter. Let me introduce you to her blog site as you have a lot in common --- I also followed you back! So see you around!